Meet Ashley

Hi, I’m Ashley! When I first started writing about myself, I had no idea what I would type. Um, photographer? You already know that much. So, I went on the good old inter-web and googled “random questions” – I never said I was proud about it, but at least I’m honest.

I’ll ease you into this – I have brown eyes and I’m a Leo. I don’t really know if that’s important. It might be. I’m a wife. A mom… Girl mom to be exact and I love taking pictures! I’ve been fortunate to do this for several years now and I’m self taught.

Nope, this isn’t my full time job. I work full time and do photography. Impressed?

I am random and a little awkward at first, but it’s a charming quality you’ll grow to love. If I had to choose between shark diving, bungee jumping or sky diving I would pick… Hang on, I might faint… Next topic!

I never have time for movies, so I read the book instead! I have different taste in music. I love the easy sounds of Frank Sinatra and shaking a body part to Lil Wayne. I’m a coffee lover, a cookie lover and add milk to either of those and I’m happy!

I don’t really keep up with what’s trending. #sarcasm #originalpoundsign

Since I type how I speak, I love using ellipsis (…) yes, I had to google the dot, dot, dot.

Want to know more? Text me, call me, or let’s meet!!!