Two post in one week… no way! “YES WAY!” It happened. See! I’m being consistent. Consistent-ish.

Let me introduce the cutest little boy I’ve seen in a very long time. World, this is JJ.

JJ IMG_4468

JJ is short for Jackson James. He was born July 23, 2016. Weighing in at five pounds, fifteen ounces and nineteen inches long. His momma is one of my very good friends and July 24 at 7:10 a.m. she sent me a text telling me she had a random question for me, then sent me a picture of her sweet baby boy asking if I thought he was handsome. My heart exploded! I was in complete shock! He wasn’t supposed to be here for another few weeks, but he couldn’t wait to make his entrance into the world.

My heart is filled with joy, 1. because JJ is finally here and perfect and 2. because my friend became a mommy. Through the years of friendship she has shared with me her excitement to become a mommy and I can’t put into words what it was like to see her for the first time with her sweet baby boy in her new role. Sometimes you can tell when a mother is nervous or unsure of their new little miracle, but I have to say, “my friend slipped into her role of MOM with grace and ease.” She looks so comfortable, so happy.

JJ IMG_4437


Of course, she did not create this little cutie all on her own and there is JJ’s daddy! They look so in love with him. I love it.



Fun fact: JJ is not named after the famous football player JJ Watt, but they are huge Texans’ fans (and TCU fans.. Go Frogs! – just for Megan!). 


JJ IMG_4466

Look at those sweet lips

JJ was an easy baby to photograph. He slept through most of the pictures and when he did wake up his mom fed him and once again he was a happy baby.

JJ IMG_4626

JJ IMG_4515

JJ IMG_4442


IJJ MG_4570

I’m beyond excited for my friends. They are amazing parents! I can’t wait to see their relationship grow with JJ as he grows.


Aunt Ashley XO