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Catching up, or something like that!

Holy Smoke Show on a Stick! I have not blogged since January of this year. I went to my Drafts folder and I have a ton of posts I have started, but life, man… amiright! Are blogs even a thing anymore? I think Vlogging is all the rage now, but don’t get too excited thinking I’m about to sit in front of a camera and document my life. Oh wait! lol To the one person reading this, I thank you! First things first, If you’re not following me on Instagram that is where you can really keep up with a more updated Ashley Murphy Photography – search ashleymurphyphotography… it’s cool, I’ll wait for you go do that, my page is public so you can creep on me even if you don’t follow me, but I kind of hope you add me!

As always I’m short on time, so this blog is going to be short and sweet! I’m going to start with my favorite part of blogs and those are the pictures! Ya know, cause words can be boring sometimes.

For a quick minute I did some Architectural Photography. I think I can use a lot more work in this department, but I enjoyed that my subject wasn’t running around. It was fun and I didn’t totally hate it. I might do more of it in the future. We will see!
2U0A0120_preview 1


I took some photos of the babes in April! My two cuties and my cutie niece. I can’t wait to add to the photo next year! We have a baby boy coming in March of 2018! Don’t faint people! Not me! My sister! MY SISTER is having the baby boy!  Also, yes Parker is holding a rock, don’t ask me why.

(my niece, my babe, my babe)

IMG_7624_preview 1

I did dreamy maternity photos of my gorgeous friend and client…






…and also did photos for Ashley’s gorgeous sister, Jessica!

IMG_7385 b&w

I loved that they were pregnant together!


Of course with maternity photos then come adorable newborn photos! Baby Jack and Baby Brennan came into the world!

(Baby Jack)


(baby Jack and his momma)


and sweet baby Brennan

IMG_0263 BW

I did photos for my dear friends Aimee and Ron and their cute puppy family!


The babies kept growing as babies do…

(Jack 3 months)


(Baby Jack 6 months)


((Brennan 3 months)



and I took some photos just for me…

For me

I think every time I write a blog, I mention how hectic and crazy life is and I cannot stress it enough – life is crazy! We make time for what’s important and honestly, I am making time for those two beautiful blue eyed beauties that call me momma. I will blog again soon (shooting for November 2018, just kidding)! Until then, follow me on instagram and facebook to keep up with some of my craziness! XOXO

Auld Lang Syne

Hello All!

Thank you for stopping by to read my last blog of the year. I haven’t blogged very much, but my end of the year blog is always the one that I get the most emotional about. Sitting down and putting my thoughts on “paper” gives me a quiet moment to truly reflect on the year that has gone by. As I started thinking about what I wanted to write, the song Auld Lang Syne popped into my head. It’s one of those songs that breaks my heart and fills me with happiness, just like the New Year.

2016 was the Year of  Change. Some changes were hard, some changes were necessary and some changes didn’t really happen. I started my fitness journey in January. After having Kenna it was difficult to shed those baby weight pounds, but I  dedicated my extra time to living a healthier lifestyle. I made good food choices (for the most part 😉 ) exercised in beast mode and even got a trainer! For 4 months he kicked my butt every session and ultimately got me feeling like my normal self again. A few months later I was introduced to Amanda aka The Punisher and got involved in her boot camp classes. I thought I was in good shape when I met her and how WRONG I was! Those first few classes I didn’t know if I was going to make it. FYI folks, don’t eat cottage cheese before an intense workout and you might need to take a break if you are doing push-ups until your arms give out and you kind of fall on your face in front of the entire gym. *I can laugh about it now*.

In February Chase had his first big BBQ competition. It was kind of a big deal for everyone involved and I loved getting to see the spark of a new tradition that will last for many years to come. May was the month of the big friends beach extravaganza. While everyone stayed up late and partied, I went to bed super early and read books (I know, really odd for me!). Parker turned 4! My baby is getting big and all she can talk about is going to school when she’s 5. She’s doing great in gymnastics and I couldn’t be a more prouder momma. In June my mom, sister and I went to Vegas and again, I wanted to go to bed by 6 PM. Is that what having two kids does to a woman?! Just let me sleep!

July was spent in San Diego with my BFF/BFF4Eva/Bestie and I don’t think another trip will ever be able to top it, but I truly welcome the challenge. In a strange turn of events, I think I slept a total of 5 hours that weekend. One of the most memorable trips of my life… hot yoga, beautiful weather and all the liquor in California. I can’t wait to go back in 2017! July 23 my good friends Megan and Anthony welcomed Jackson James into the world and he is seriously the sweetest little guy. August was spent hiding in the AC, but I was able to get out and do a 5k. That was the first time I ever ran a full 5k without stopping. It was also the first 5k I did by myself. It was me and thousands of other strangers running for different reasons. I loved it and can’t wait to do another one. Who knows, maybe I’ll run a half marathon or a full marathon in 2017. I’m just sick enough to do it! 😛

September was a hard month for us. It was a really hard month for me. We were so excited to celebrate Kenna turning one, but two weeks before her birthday party our sweet Lexi passed. The morning of her passing she was running around chasing the girls just like any other day. If I had only known our sweet Lexi would not make it past that day I would have loved on her a little more. It brings me comfort knowing she died doing what she loved, chasing her favorite little people around a house filled with love. Losing her after 8 years is hard. I knew I would cry and that I would hurt, but I was unprepared for the way my heart would suffer with each reminder she wasn’t there anymore *and I’m crying again — tissue break*

Okay, I’m okay… I swore we wouldn’t get a dog so soon, but in November we welcomed Sammy or as I like to call him, Samson Winifred. He’s a Lab Retriever mix and he’s a mess, but just what we needed. December has been spent with family, friends and everyone in between. This time of year always makes me realize how full my life is and how grateful I am to wake up every morning and hug my beautiful blue eyed babies.

My girls are getting big and I must admit that it’s been difficult to juggle all the day to day stuff and try and maintain any kind of photography business. We will see where things take me in 2017.

In a few hours 2016 will be a memory and 2017 will be full of potential, Auld Lang Syne, “days gone by”. I pray and hope that each person reading this has a beautiful 2017. Fill this new year with good memories, laugh as much as you can, smile more (I’m working on this one), and find the beauty in each day even if it’s a hard day. Happy New Year, may it be filled with HOPE, LOVE and HAPPINESS.

P.S. Sorry for no pictures. Much love to you all.




Baby JJ

Two post in one week… no way! “YES WAY!” It happened. See! I’m being consistent. Consistent-ish.

Let me introduce the cutest little boy I’ve seen in a very long time. World, this is JJ.

JJ IMG_4468

JJ is short for Jackson James. He was born July 23, 2016. Weighing in at five pounds, fifteen ounces and nineteen inches long. His momma is one of my very good friends and July 24 at 7:10 a.m. she sent me a text telling me she had a random question for me, then sent me a picture of her sweet baby boy asking if I thought he was handsome. My heart exploded! I was in complete shock! He wasn’t supposed to be here for another few weeks, but he couldn’t wait to make his entrance into the world.

My heart is filled with joy, 1. because JJ is finally here and perfect and 2. because my friend became a mommy. Through the years of friendship she has shared with me her excitement to become a mommy and I can’t put into words what it was like to see her for the first time with her sweet baby boy in her new role. Sometimes you can tell when a mother is nervous or unsure of their new little miracle, but I have to say, “my friend slipped into her role of MOM with grace and ease.” She looks so comfortable, so happy.

JJ IMG_4437


Of course, she did not create this little cutie all on her own and there is JJ’s daddy! They look so in love with him. I love it.



Fun fact: JJ is not named after the famous football player JJ Watt, but they are huge Texans’ fans (and TCU fans.. Go Frogs! – just for Megan!). 


JJ IMG_4466

Look at those sweet lips

JJ was an easy baby to photograph. He slept through most of the pictures and when he did wake up his mom fed him and once again he was a happy baby.

JJ IMG_4626

JJ IMG_4515

JJ IMG_4442


IJJ MG_4570

I’m beyond excited for my friends. They are amazing parents! I can’t wait to see their relationship grow with JJ as he grows.


Aunt Ashley XO

Mind Dump

Hello All! Today is a good day for a mind dump. Typically I use the blogsite to show you pretty pictures and talk about the beautiful families I get to meet, but I haven’t blogged in a while and thought I would be kind and catch everyone up on the craziness that is my life. I’m going to mind dump you now. Ready?

First of all, sorry for continuing to use the word dump, but that’s really the only word I can think of to describe the process of ridding all these random thoughts onto you. I noticed that I’m blogging less and less these days and I want to blog more! I really do, but I made tiny humans and they are kind of taking over my world. In my free time (you know the walk from the bathroom to the kitchen) I started reading a few “helpful” tips on becoming a better blogger. ” Trust me, I know I could use the help.” Tip number one was be a consistent blogger.  I’m sighing over here. Tiny humans. Remember? Unless I bring my laptop to the restroom or attempt to blog with one hand out of the shower “consistent” is a word I cannot use for ANYTHING in my life right now. I’ve tried. You all remember the December challenge last year? I think I got up to day 29 and called it quits. “ummm… this is going to be a work in progress… which really means it probably won’t happen, but I’ll try!”



Tip number two was write for yourself. I like this one and I don’t do that often enough. A lot of times I worry that my sense of humor doesn’t come across as funny through text. Or funny at all.  I think I’m hilarious, but I have a huge fear that you’ll read this blog and half way through you’ll exit out and never visit my site again! At least I have the pretty pictures thing working for me.

Tip number three comes from a blog I read all the time and love, just.write.words. As of right now, that’s what I’m doing.

Tiny Humans

Parker and Kenna are wonderful! Crazy beautiful is the only way I can describe them. I could not have asked for better babies. Some quick stats – Parker joined gymnastics and her first class is coming up soon! “My baby is going to the Olympics!”  I know, “slow your role momma, she’s four!” I’m giddy to see her in a leotard, jumping into a foam pit and learning the beautiful sport. Kenna is ten months and a healthy eater. By healthy eater I mean, girlfriend eats everything in sight… but she has to keep her energy up because she has officially started walking. She’s all over the place. Are you going back to see how old she is? Yep, you read that correctly, she’s ten months. She’s trying to keep up with her big sister and doing a darn good job of it. I say this every chance I get and to anyone who will listen, but they really are growing up fast. Kenna will be one in September. Parker will be in Kindergarten next year. They are loud and messy, sweet and kind. They drive me insane, but I love them.



An Iron Diet

At the beginning of the year I gave myself a goal to lose the baby weight and get back in shape. I gotta say, I haven’t lost ALL the baby weight, but I’m crushing it! I started working out with a trainer in January and he has shown no mercy. He never let me give up and I’m so much stronger for it. He had me doing a lot of strength training and I have been doing a lot of cardio on my own. I finished a 5k recently and thought I was going to die. A helpful hint: DON’T RUN IN AUGUST IF YOU CAN HELP IT! IT’S HOT!!! I’ve done yoga, religious gym sessions and even started working out with some friends in the evening. I still have a few more personal goals (ABS!), but I’m taking it day by day, mile by mile, sweat soaked shirt, by… UMMMM… you get it. Working out is such a struggle after you have a baby. You think you’re stronger than you really are and I cried a lot because I couldn’t do the things that I once was able to do. I honestly feel so much stronger than I have since… EVER maybe. I have actual muscles.



Other Randomness

I’m officially in the 30 something club and I don’t want to be a grown up anymore! “I should have appreciated it more when my parents would pay the bills, cook dinner, pick out my clothes.” I just celebrated turning 29 + 1 + 1.  Before I turned 31, the age scared me a little, then my mom gave me a little perspective… I’ll spare you the conversation, but she’s good at that… the whole perspective thing.

PTM Storyboard 3 Up B


Thanks for reading through all that. If you skipped to the end of the blog, here are the highlights:

  1. Tiny humans keep you from blogging.
  2. I’m going to try and blog more.
  3. Exercise is good and I’m working towards ABS.
  4. Being a grown up sucks sometimes.
  5. My mom is the best. She’s got a great perspective.
  6. I make cute kids.


Have a good night! Blog at you again… soon-ish! XO

Hot Rays and Baby Days

HI Everyone! As you can see, I have been updating my website! It’s still not complete so, please continue to excuse the mess. I promise I have been working really hard to get things in order. Which by the way, “order” has not been my middle name lately. Ashley Chaos Murphy is more like it these days. I’ve spent quite a few nights after my day job, my mom job, to update the look of Ashley Murphy Photography. I’ve been working really hard and I hope you will like the finished product. Send me some love in the comment section if you get a chance. *wink, wink – hint, hint*

The reason for the change is honestly, things needed a change, I needed a change. Between you and me… a lot has changed.

One of the many things that has changed – my beautiful friend and her bearded hubby sat me down in a little Mexican restaurant a few months ago and handed me a photo of a sweet ultrasound. I squealed and squeaked with joy! I’m ridiculously excited for them because 1. I know they are going to be amazing parents and 2. because I’m so excited to see their sweet baby grow.

This little boy is already loved beyond measure. He will have such an amazing group of people around him who love and care for him.

I know, you came to see the pictures!   Um… what are you waiting for?! Get to scrolling!

This session was unbearably hot! With the rain coming and going … coming and going… and well, you get the point…this Texas heat … our clothes were sticking to us and we were pouring buckets of sweat. I love that all through the session Megan kept telling everyone or maybe repeating to herself  that it didn’t feel too hot and it wasn’t so bad. Positive affirmations! Positive thinking! I had to agree until I look over at her bearded hubby, who in one word looked miserable. Ah, the things we do for love… or a happy baby momma.





I wasn’t sure if this picture was going to make the blog, but when I think of Megan and Anthony I think of them being silly with each other. That’s the type of couple they are. Silly and in love. I have no idea what Megan said to him or what pose they were going for, but they are goofballs. I felt you needed to see what I was really dealing with. 😉



Seriously! JJ is going to have the most amazing eyes and of course be ridiculously good looking… I mean come on… look at them!


IMG_3851 copy



Well, that’s it for me folks! Thanks for viewing this sweet maternity session. Now, go like my facebook page, instagram page and email me about your own special family session you would like to do. Scoot!