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Parker is FOUR

Where is the time going? My sweet baby is four tomorrow. I’ve been silently wiping tears away this week because I can remember the day I told my husband I was pregnant with her. I can remember her first cries as she entered the world and how it was the best sound I ever heard. I remember how terrified I was to be her momma and how all my fears vanished the moment she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and I knew at that exact moment I would be forever changed. She became my whole world May 15 and she still is. I remember how proud I was when she took her first steps, said her first words and the moment she decided she wanted to pick out her own clothes. She’s has a beautiful soul. My little lawyer, jokester, kind heart. She isn’t afraid to get dirty or to fall.  She is my wild child, free spirit, fun loving girl. My baby.




You mean so much to our family. Happy birthday to my bright light, my beautiful baby.




Family Fun

I’m starting the blog with these two cuties! Do you see that handsome guy? It’s been years since I’ve seen him, but I took his newborn pictures and his momma’s maternity pictures. He’s grown into such a handsome little guy! How time flies!



About a month ago I got to take photos of this family! It’s so fun when a family is so relaxed and excited about pictures! I wanted to do a quick post of these awesome people! Here we go!


 Look how happy they are! It’s always awesome to see a family full of girls! That sweet dad had his hands full when they were younger! Now these ladies have families of their own and you can see how much they love each other!


Everyone together, like one big happy family!




I am ending this quick blog with these three cuties! Seriously! Those faces! Sorry for a short blog once again! This momma has to type in between nap time and coffee sips! Until next time! XO!


Seven Months

I wanted to share a quick update on the girls…

It’s hard to believe that almost seven months ago I had Kenna! She is growing into such a beautiful little girl. She’s almost crawling and has the best belly laugh. It comes from down in her toes. She’s a mommy’s girl through and through.

Parker has taken to a big sister like she was always meant to be one. She’s helpful and kind to Kenna. She loves helping me with diapers and her bottles and one of my favorite things is seeing Parker run into her room every morning and say “Good Morning Kenna” as she looks into her crib.


The hubs and I are slowly finding the balance of having two kids. It’s still an adjustment. When one is happy, one is crying. When one is sleeping, one is awake, but they are so much fun.


Until next time! XO



A Weekend Spent Outdoors

Hi! I hope everyone has meal prepped their lunches for the week, got all their laundry done and is excited for Monday morning! I’ve got 1 out of 3 checked off on my list! I had to share a few photos from this weekend. It rained all week and we were blessed with a beautiful weekend and what do you do when there is a beautiful weekend? Well, you spend it outdoors. We went to the park, we played in the yard, ran around the cul-du-sac and rode bikes. Of course, I didn’t want to miss a moment to take a few photos…. AND … I even let the hubs take a photo of me -After a gym session. Thank goodness you can’t smell me from the photo!







Have a great week! If you’re thinking about doing family photos don’t forget to book soon! The weather has been perfect! XO

The Change

Hey everyone, my blog is going to be a little different tonight. In the past I’ve focused on photography because after all, this is a blog for photography. I started my business back in 2010 with a simple question asking my husband what it is that I wanted to do with my life and without even knowing it photography became the answer. Throughout the years my business has been whatever I needed it to be at the time. Throughout the years it’s been a hobby away from my actual job, a way to meet new families, opportunities to make a little extra cash or a way to turn my hobby into a full blown career, but the one thing that always held true throughout those years is that I wanted to get better, be better, do better. I wanted to create images that a person could look back on and smile. I wanted to create images that people loved and cherished for a lifetime. That still holds true today.

So, why the blog and why is it called The Change? Well, to be perfectly honest with all of you, I am in need of a business change. Since having my second baby I have slowed down on the amount of photography work I’ll take on. I was scared, hesitant and not sure if I would have time to dedicate to anyone else’s family if I was putting my family first. Thankfully, things have settled down a bit and I feel like I’m finally adjusting to my family of four.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi


If you have read some of my previous blogs I’ve experienced a lot of self-growth within the last year. I have reflected, I learned and I have changed in all areas of my life. I became the change I wanted to see in the world and because of that I have a new fire and love for this business.


Thank you for all the people that read these blogs, that like my photos on facebook, that book the sessions and refer me to their friends and family. In a moment of reflection, I thank you for your support. I have a new fire to get better, be better, do better. Stick around and see the new changes coming.



Ashley Murphy