Catching up, or something like that!

Holy Smoke Show on a Stick! I have not blogged since January of this year. I went to my Drafts folder and I have a ton of posts I have started, but life, man… amiright! Are blogs even a thing anymore? I think Vlogging is all the rage now, but don’t get too excited thinking I’m about to sit in front of a camera and document my life. Oh wait! lol To the one person reading this, I thank you! First things first, If you’re not following me on Instagram that is where you can really keep up with a more updated Ashley Murphy Photography – search ashleymurphyphotography… it’s cool, I’ll wait for you go do that, my page is public so you can creep on me even if you don’t follow me, but I kind of hope you add me!

As always I’m short on time, so this blog is going to be short and sweet! I’m going to start with my favorite part of blogs and those are the pictures! Ya know, cause words can be boring sometimes.

For a quick minute I did some Architectural Photography. I think I can use a lot more work in this department, but I enjoyed that my subject wasn’t running around. It was fun and I didn’t totally hate it. I might do more of it in the future. We will see!
2U0A0120_preview 1


I took some photos of the babes in April! My two cuties and my cutie niece. I can’t wait to add to the photo next year! We have a baby boy coming in March of 2018! Don’t faint people! Not me! My sister! MY SISTER is having the baby boy!  Also, yes Parker is holding a rock, don’t ask me why.

(my niece, my babe, my babe)

IMG_7624_preview 1

I did dreamy maternity photos of my gorgeous friend and client…






…and also did photos for Ashley’s gorgeous sister, Jessica!

IMG_7385 b&w

I loved that they were pregnant together!


Of course with maternity photos then come adorable newborn photos! Baby Jack and Baby Brennan came into the world!

(Baby Jack)


(baby Jack and his momma)


and sweet baby Brennan

IMG_0263 BW

I did photos for my dear friends Aimee and Ron and their cute puppy family!


The babies kept growing as babies do…

(Jack 3 months)


(Baby Jack 6 months)


((Brennan 3 months)



and I took some photos just for me…

For me

I think every time I write a blog, I mention how hectic and crazy life is and I cannot stress it enough – life is crazy! We make time for what’s important and honestly, I am making time for those two beautiful blue eyed beauties that call me momma. I will blog again soon (shooting for November 2018, just kidding)! Until then, follow me on instagram and facebook to keep up with some of my craziness! XOXO


Today I got to photograph a cute belly and an adorable family! It amazes me how fast kids grow. The last time I saw this little man he was about 10 months. Now he’s 3 years old with a baby sister on the way. Here is a preview of your adorable family, C!


My Maternity Pictures

I’m coming up on my 8th month of pregnancy and I’m at the point where I’m pretty ready to have my baby girl. Trying to schedule everything before she gets here has been a little bit of a challenge, but for the most part we have made it work. This weekend my sister was sweet enough to take my maternity pictures.

I’m sure if you’ve read my blog in the past, you know that my dad is a photographer and has been taking pictures of us for years, so it’s no surprise that we all have a pretty good understanding on how to use a camera and what “good lighting” is and how to create a “perfect shot.” So, I had no doubt that my sister would rock these pictures. So, she took the shots and I edited them. I would say we make a pretty good team. 🙂

The fun part for me was getting to go over how my camera works and showing her how to position someone to make them look their best in a photo, but really I didn’t have to do much work (she’s pretty bossy 🙂 ). I can’t give her enough praise on what a wonderful job she did and who knows, maybe I have a new photography partner for the future. 😉

I hope you enjoy her beautiful work and if you know her please tell her what an amazing job she did!

Cute Baby Belly

This soon-to-be momma is beautiful. I kept telling her that if/when I ever decide to have a baby I want to look as adorable and as good as she does. She had the cutest baby belly! I know I should probably move on from gushing about her belly to how easy going this couple was. They took everything in stride and were up for anything and of course, L was amazing even with the heat! I’m so excited to meet that sweet little boy or girl in the next few weeks, but here are some adorable maternity pictures to keep you tied over until that sweet baby makes his/her arrival!

Maternity Mania

Are any of you getting sick and tired of me posting maternity pictures, blogging about maternity pictures and making my status on facebook all about my awesome maternity pictures? No? Good! I’m not sick of them either! Since that is all settled… guess what? I have more maternity pictures for you! I know you secretly love it! Don’t lie!


If you  know of any expecting mommies or you’re an expecting mommy contact me for pictures!

Baby Bump

Oh, baby bumps are in full swing and in just a few short months there will be a gorgeous little baby to bless this couple! It was so nice to capture these moments for M and S! You guys did an amazing job and I know with mom’s killer looks and dad’s sense of humor your little one will be the total package!