Catching up, or something like that!

Holy Smoke Show on a Stick! I have not blogged since January of this year. I went to my Drafts folder and I have a ton of posts I have started, but life, man… amiright! Are blogs even a thing anymore? I think Vlogging is all the rage now, but don’t get too excited thinking I’m about to sit in front of a camera and document my life. Oh wait! lol To the one person reading this, I thank you! First things first, If you’re not following me on Instagram that is where you can really keep up with a more updated Ashley Murphy Photography – search ashleymurphyphotography… it’s cool, I’ll wait for you go do that, my page is public so you can creep on me even if you don’t follow me, but I kind of hope you add me!

As always I’m short on time, so this blog is going to be short and sweet! I’m going to start with my favorite part of blogs and those are the pictures! Ya know, cause words can be boring sometimes.

For a quick minute I did some Architectural Photography. I think I can use a lot more work in this department, but I enjoyed that my subject wasn’t running around. It was fun and I didn’t totally hate it. I might do more of it in the future. We will see!
2U0A0120_preview 1


I took some photos of the babes in April! My two cuties and my cutie niece. I can’t wait to add to the photo next year! We have a baby boy coming in March of 2018! Don’t faint people! Not me! My sister! MY SISTER is having the baby boy!  Also, yes Parker is holding a rock, don’t ask me why.

(my niece, my babe, my babe)

IMG_7624_preview 1

I did dreamy maternity photos of my gorgeous friend and client…






…and also did photos for Ashley’s gorgeous sister, Jessica!

IMG_7385 b&w

I loved that they were pregnant together!


Of course with maternity photos then come adorable newborn photos! Baby Jack and Baby Brennan came into the world!

(Baby Jack)


(baby Jack and his momma)


and sweet baby Brennan

IMG_0263 BW

I did photos for my dear friends Aimee and Ron and their cute puppy family!


The babies kept growing as babies do…

(Jack 3 months)


(Baby Jack 6 months)


((Brennan 3 months)



and I took some photos just for me…

For me

I think every time I write a blog, I mention how hectic and crazy life is and I cannot stress it enough – life is crazy! We make time for what’s important and honestly, I am making time for those two beautiful blue eyed beauties that call me momma. I will blog again soon (shooting for November 2018, just kidding)! Until then, follow me on instagram and facebook to keep up with some of my craziness! XOXO

Kenna Brooke Murphy

Good Morning All! I’m feeling a little tired this morning so please forgive any typing errors or sentences that might not peanut butter and gel together. I’ve been up since 3 AM with the newest addition to the Murphy Family. That’s right, my little Kenna Brooke Murphy is here! She was born September 30 at 3:47 PM, weighing in at 8 lbs., 8 oz. Yes, she was much larger than her sister who came in at a dainty 7 lbs., 1 oz., but the reason for my early morning post is to show you how beautiful my girls are and how blessed I am. There has been a lot going on with family and friends coming to visit, sleepless nights and adjusting to our new family of four that every time I look at my two girls I’m constantly reminded of how grateful I am and how blessed I feel. Kenna was the missing piece to completing my family. Now that I have two beautiful girls I feel at peace, happy and whole. I’m so in love. Here are a few pictures of Kenna and Parker.


Parker has been such a good big sister and I love how she loves Kenna.

Maternity and Baby H

Hi All! Don’t you love that I seem to disappear a few months at a time and then pop my virtual head back up and say, “hey, I”m still here!” I’ve been a busy woman as always, but I have had some time to snap some beautiful maternity photos and then a few weeks later some sweet newborn photos.


This is Ashley. She’s in my top five for most adorable pregnant women out there. She was all baby – she looked amazing. I’m not going to lie, I was a little jealous that she looked so freaking awesome at 8 months pregnant, but when you’ve got it – You’ve got it. I mean, I had troll feet by the end of my pregnancy because I was so swollen, but let me remove that image of my troll feet and show you how completely adorable she is! 

Meet her other half Brian, don’t they make a pretty good looking couple? *Spoiler Alert* If you keep scrolling, you will see what good genes they created. Their son is OHMYGOODESS CUTE!

(One of my favorite pictures)

These two were a lot of fun. I enjoyed taking their pictures, but I can’t wait to show you a few of their very cute, oh so adorable, sweet little boy. I love the way new parents look at the new life they created and see all the beauty and potential that their child will be.

He has the sweetest little lips.

I can’t wait to see this sweet boy grow!

Baby E

My heart grows ten times bigger when I visit my sweet niece. We finally got around to taking her pictures. Go ahead and sneak a peek. Go ahead and fall in love with her. She’s beautiful.

Sweet Little Guy

You may want to consult your doctor before previewing these images… your heart might melt. 😉 (Did ya like that?)


He was too cute – such a good baby – so sweet.


I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for baby feet.


Must have a picture of “Daddy Kisses”



Lessons Learned

I’m telling on myself right now, but I have a story of a good “lessons learned.” The fine details are some times overlooked when it comes to moms who haven’t had any sleep. My friend just had her baby 3 weeks ago and I was talking to her about pictures. She told me she wanted me to come over and take a few. Great! I can do that. Then completely switching subject without her knowledge or mine, I started asking when I could come over and hang out. This caused a little confusion today when I came to her house without my camera. She was running around trying to get her daughter and her son dressed and ready for pictures. In my duh state of mind I asked what she was getting worked up about… I don’t even have my camera. Um, let’s rewind… what?! I was taking pictures for you today? Oh, um… yea… I’ll be back later tonight. So, that was lesson learned number 1. Don’t switch up the conversation on a new mom unless you are absolutely sure she’s following your thought process. Lesson number 2, when I’m speaking to anyone I should notify them of a subject change. This is very important!

So, this brings me to lessons number three and four. This is my second trip to my friend’s house today and I’m getting set up and turn my camera on. It isn’t coming on. IT ISN’T COMING ON!!! Crap! Did I forget to charge it? YES! Double CRAP!!! Lesson number 3, always charge your camera battery and keep a spare in the bag. Triple CRAP! Thankfully, I had my extra camera in my bag, but felt horrible. I’m so lucky this happened to me with my good friend who is sweet, forgiving and can laugh at me. ha! This brings me to my last and final lessons learned… Lesson number 4, try and get enough sleep so you’re not slowly losing your mind.

With all the miscommunication happening, lack of camera battery and no sleep I think these pictures are pretty darn cute and I was feeling like a black and white kind of mood. Hope you enjoy!!!