Catching up, or something like that!

Holy Smoke Show on a Stick! I have not blogged since January of this year. I went to my Drafts folder and I have a ton of posts I have started, but life, man… amiright! Are blogs even a thing anymore? I think Vlogging is all the rage now, but don’t get too excited thinking I’m about to sit in front of a camera and document my life. Oh wait! lol To the one person reading this, I thank you! First things first, If you’re not following me on Instagram that is where you can really keep up with a more updated Ashley Murphy Photography – search ashleymurphyphotography… it’s cool, I’ll wait for you go do that, my page is public so you can creep on me even if you don’t follow me, but I kind of hope you add me!

As always I’m short on time, so this blog is going to be short and sweet! I’m going to start with my favorite part of blogs and those are the pictures! Ya know, cause words can be boring sometimes.

For a quick minute I did some Architectural Photography. I think I can use a lot more work in this department, but I enjoyed that my subject wasn’t running around. It was fun and I didn’t totally hate it. I might do more of it in the future. We will see!
2U0A0120_preview 1


I took some photos of the babes in April! My two cuties and my cutie niece. I can’t wait to add to the photo next year! We have a baby boy coming in March of 2018! Don’t faint people! Not me! My sister! MY SISTER is having the baby boy!  Also, yes Parker is holding a rock, don’t ask me why.

(my niece, my babe, my babe)

IMG_7624_preview 1

I did dreamy maternity photos of my gorgeous friend and client…






…and also did photos for Ashley’s gorgeous sister, Jessica!

IMG_7385 b&w

I loved that they were pregnant together!


Of course with maternity photos then come adorable newborn photos! Baby Jack and Baby Brennan came into the world!

(Baby Jack)


(baby Jack and his momma)


and sweet baby Brennan

IMG_0263 BW

I did photos for my dear friends Aimee and Ron and their cute puppy family!


The babies kept growing as babies do…

(Jack 3 months)


(Baby Jack 6 months)


((Brennan 3 months)



and I took some photos just for me…

For me

I think every time I write a blog, I mention how hectic and crazy life is and I cannot stress it enough – life is crazy! We make time for what’s important and honestly, I am making time for those two beautiful blue eyed beauties that call me momma. I will blog again soon (shooting for November 2018, just kidding)! Until then, follow me on instagram and facebook to keep up with some of my craziness! XOXO

Kenna Brooke Murphy

Good Morning All! I’m feeling a little tired this morning so please forgive any typing errors or sentences that might not peanut butter and gel together. I’ve been up since 3 AM with the newest addition to the Murphy Family. That’s right, my little Kenna Brooke Murphy is here! She was born September 30 at 3:47 PM, weighing in at 8 lbs., 8 oz. Yes, she was much larger than her sister who came in at a dainty 7 lbs., 1 oz., but the reason for my early morning post is to show you how beautiful my girls are and how blessed I am. There has been a lot going on with family and friends coming to visit, sleepless nights and adjusting to our new family of four that every time I look at my two girls I’m constantly reminded of how grateful I am and how blessed I feel. Kenna was the missing piece to completing my family. Now that I have two beautiful girls I feel at peace, happy and whole. I’m so in love. Here are a few pictures of Kenna and Parker.


Parker has been such a good big sister and I love how she loves Kenna.

Six Months and Full of Personality

Good Morning All! Is there any better way to start your Monday off than seeing pictures of this adorable cutie pie. He’s no stranger to the AMP blog and how I’ve enjoyed seeing his sweet personality come out. He is getting to that wonderful age where he’s smiling more and trying to reach for anything in his path.




*Might be one of my favorites*

He kept me laughing the whole session. We definitely got some good smiles from him, but the moment I stopped taking pictures, that was the moment he would show his adorable smile and the moment I picked up my camera he would give me his serious face.


I mean, come on… wagons are serious business.



I had to end the blog with this picture. He is such a sweet little boy. His momma is going to have a hard time choosing the photos she wants. He is a very photogenic guy.


I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Someone is Three Months

Happy Monday Everyone! Do you remember this adorable family from a few months ago? Here is a quick refresher…


Now that we are all caught up… I could not be more excited to share Hudson’s three month session with you! If you looked at his newborn session… HE LOOKS SO DIFFERENT, BUT I THINK CUTER. MUCH CUTER!

We were lucky the rain held off this weekend, so we could take some outdoor pictures. His mom and dad told me he loves being outside.

Let’s start the preview off with Hudson locking eyes with the camera.  🙂 


Okay, I don’t mean to draw too much attention to this, but I must say Hudson’s momma looks fantastic for only having him a few months ago! Dang girl! Tell me your secret!

Now that I’ve said my peace we can move on to how much I adore the way his parent’s look at him. So much love.

🙂  My favorite. Look at that smile!  🙂 

I hate to cut the blog short, but I’m off to do more proofing on this adorable session! Have a fabulous week everyone!

Time Passes

Time passes and the newborn baby girl I once knew keeps growing into a gorgeous little girl. Oh my heart. Some days I wonder when this “phase” will pass. I wish and hope and pray that we can get through the evening without a tantrum, that bath time goes smoothly and that I can sit on the couch and just rest for a few minutes before the next mom duty comes up. Then I look back at her baby pictures and wonder where the time went. Motherhood, being a parent plays cruel tricks on you sometimes. When you’re in “it” the chaos of it all, you’re just praying to be done with it… you’re hoping for quiet, but then you realize – my baby isn’t a baby anymore. Wait, when did that happen?

I spent my Valentine’s day with my sweet little family and as we played outside I figured I better grab the camera and snap a few for the memory books, but as I saw them loading on to the computer I looked at the dirty blonde hair, blue eyed, gorgeous smiling little girl looking into my camera and realized my baby keeps growing and time is passing way too fast!

Call me emotional, sentimental, a hot mess, but I can’t help but feel that tiny twinge of panic that creeps up on me making me want to scream “wait, TIME please slow down!” but time keeps going faster and faster. So, I am embracing this life I was given and this beautiful little gift that smiles at me every day and tells me she loves me.


Here are a few pictures of her from this weekend…

(My little Yogi baby)

Ohhhhh my heart.

Gorgeous Family

I have been pretty lucky these past few weeks because I have been surrounded by cute kids, good looking families and lots of smiles! I love this time of year. I especially love that we had a real FALL. The leaves were absolutely gorgeous. The yellows, oranges and reds made this beautiful family’s pictures even more spectacular.  Go ahead, check them out! 

I’m sure I’ve mentioned in previous blogs that I love taking photos of children, but they are a lot of work. Getting all of them to smile while looking at me… it’s not as easy as it looks. and Little Bit on the left made me work hard for her smile. I kept calling her the “Serious One” because she was all business when it came to picture taking, but her mom and dad finally made some silly faces behind me and WAH-LA… perfection!  I mean… LOOK AT THESE KIDS… so pretty, so pretty, so handsome!

 Gorgeous girls! But with a mother as gorgeous as their momma, can you blame them for looking so beautiful! FYI – Word of the day is GORGEOUS!

I was told men don’t typically like being called “gorgeous” so let’s not forget the handsome men!  This family was a ton of fun to photograph. I can’t wait to see them again!